A small historical and nature town in eastern Africa in the east part of Tanzania located in Tanga region 50kilometers south from Tanga town rich of history and cultural values where Swahili, Arab, colonial traditions and modern hospitality blends together –located at the mouth of Pangani River. At this town visitors enjoy scenery of the coastline with clean beaches where endangered green turtle breeds, historical sites, coral reefs, old port as well as great diversity of tropical marine dwellers; the vegetations comprising of coconut palms, sisal plantations makes the really beauty of the place, old German administrative Bomas still stands and more of the historical buildings make a place to never miss a visit, river cruising and boat trip to Maziwe marine park island for swimming, sun bathing, snorkeling and dolphins watch makes your experience full of joy and relaxing at Pangani historical town. Home staying with local families at this historical town allows you to get an insight of the different Swahili culture and participate in a number of local activities with the family members.