Ifude tours and safaris is a local company in Arusha Tanzania, The Company reveals its funny name from one of the tribe dwelling on foots of Mountain Kilimanjaro which means Lizard. We established Ifude tours & Safaris company not only to provides employment to ourselves and the team working with us but we also wanted to support the whole community projects like provision of fund to support running of charitable organizations. We not only support Local community projects but we also aim to cater the safari needs of our esteemed customers where we organize a tailor – made safari Adventure from cultural tours, beach holiday safaris to the exploration of unspoiled lands of Tanzania allowing our customers to follow their passion and interests creating a unique and innovative adventure of your life time experiences “We make your Safari dream not a dream anymore but a reality”. Our headquarter office in Arusha is where our operations are controlled from. It is fully equipped office building which facilitates efficient and effective handling of our clients’ requests / queries, To us all of our operations matters a lot and we have made sure our operation team is well trained and are full of experiences in handling customer issues on time to coup with company services standards. Our team of experienced safari driver guides and support staffs are fully knowledgeable of Tanzania and attractions to help you with any query with maximum level of accuracy. We take a great pride in a friendly, loyal, modern and with professional experiences to offer our services to our customers.

With our love and respect to nature in our mind, we offer to our customers the chance to explore and enjoy the Tanzania’s diversity of natural and ethnicity without being restricted. This country remains one of the least known places in the world and explored, it is a large country among the East African countries enormous landscapes and unlimited vistas and horizons with countless attractions to take our customers to. With the fact that Humans have been present in this country for many thousands of years we offer a journey through the history of human evolutions with ancient tribes of more than 120 from different ethnicity dwelling in this beautiful country “Tanzania” and many still maintaining their ancient customs and traditions to date. We at Ifude tours & Safaris Co Ltd operate cultural safaris, tight budget camping safaris, mid luxury to Luxury lodge safaris, Bush and Forest walks safaris, Mountain treks and hikes, cycling tours and specialized safari packages with a complete consideration, respect and good sense of quality services, cultural integrity and Value for money.

Our itineraries have been carefully prepared and planned to cater the needs of our customers with a high consideration of the special needs of our customers.

We hope that you will appreciate our services and go ahead to book your personalized tour package today with us and meet your long time safari dream and support our charitable project in Tanzania.