Amani nature reserve is the largest forest block within the East Usambara mountain and occupies the southern extremity of the mountains, it is the wettest proximity of all the east Usambara forest blocks and has exceptional values that include a rain forest, variety of biological diversity ranging from some being endemic to endangered and threatened flora and fauna; more than quarter of the 30 –add species of amphibians and reptiles are only found here and nowhere else in the world. Amani nature reserve is one of the Tanzania most attractive unspoiled and yet unvisited destination with wonderful sceneries and more than335 species of birds have been recorded, several primates are also spotted in Amani nature reserve area. It is also a wonderful destination for hiking and especially good to the off beaten way lovers, biking tours and night walks adds to its value this will make visitors to this area more few days while saving their budget and enjoy the beauty of the place, people and their culture as well.